What are the operation technologies of CNC computer band saw

Issuing time:2020-01-14 00:00

CNC computer band sawing machine is generally operated by hand. When sawing large workpieces, two people shall be equipped to cooperate up and down. When sawing in a straight line, hold the workpiece firmly, stick to the saw ratio, and move forward horizontally. The operator can slightly lift the long material, so that the back end of the workpiece is not lower than the table. The feeding speed shall be properly controlled according to the material properties and the size of the workpiece. It is forbidden to push, pull or collide the saw blade. When the worker saw the back of 200 mm, he can only connect and pull with his hands. When the back end of the workpiece is close to the saw tooth of 200mm, the upper hand should be off hand, and the lower part should be sawed. When the saw blade does not reach the maximum speed after driving, do not send the workpiece to avoid sudden increase of motor load.

In case of clamping the saw during the working process, the cutting edge of the workpiece shall be separated from each other by hand. The CNC computer band saw shall not be backward to prevent the saw blade from falling. In case of running saw, running blade (the saw blade swings back and forth), stop the machine, check the saw blade, saw material (Road), saw card, saw wheel, etc., and then cut after the saw blade operates normally. When the sawblade path of the worktable is blocked by wood debris, it shall be removed with a wooden stick, and it is not allowed to use fingers. In order to prevent the resin sawdust from sticking on the surface of saw blade and saw wheel, and increase the friction and resistance between saw blade and saw wheel, kerosene can be used for scrubbing during work

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